Incorporate Effective Business Promotion Using Carrier Bag Printing

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Carrier-Bag-Printing-For-Promotion 3 Branding promotional freebies have been an extremely effective marketing strategy for many years, with promotional merchandise market continually on the increase.

There are many items that are branded for marketing, but one of the simplest forms and extremely effective is carrier bag printing.

Carrier bags can be found everywhere, in a whole range of shops, supermarkets and stores, from the small boutiques to the large department stores.

Along with incorporating carrier bags, there are many different business gifts that can play a vital role in keeping your company name and your brand in the forefront of your potential customers mind.

Whatever you choose to hold your brand, ensure that it is of high quality, as the product itself can be a representation of your business and how your business runs.

These business gifts can be well presented and delivered in an elegantly designed high-quality printed carrier bag with your and logo and tagline. This business gift and carrier bag combination will potentially excite your existing customers leaving a very lasting and good impression.

marketingIt’s extremely important that the carrier bag printing presents the required marketing message that is short and sharp and to the point to attract your potential customers at a single glance.

There are many choices when selecting your carrier bag, along with the required printing. The carrier bag itself is available in a range of materials, such as plastic or paper, with a range of different handle styles.

The printing style and the size of your graphics, along with choosing the appropriate carrier bag colour is vital to match your brand and convey the correct message to attract the attention of potential customers.

There are many websites that allow you to create your design using their online software. However, unless you’re extremely creative, this can be a difficult exercise and also costly if you do not convey the correct message.

There are many marketing and brand companies who have many years of experience creating the correct message to entice your potential customer.

There are many different techniques to carry out carrier bag printing, whether you use online companies design tools or you have your own artwork.We have listed a few different types of carrier bag printing techniques, along with the benefits of each one.

Hot Foil Blocking Printing

Hot foil blocking is an extremely specialised process of printing, in which Matt foils or a metallic press pushed under extreme heat and pressure to transfer the material to the required printed carrier bag.

This printing technique is more suitable for low volume manufacturing and, therefore, is more suitable for smaller shops, such as boutique shops, that only require a few hundred carrier bags.

Ink Printing (Flexo Printing)

Flexo printing is an extremely common method of carrier bag printing as it can be used for extremely high volume printing runs, such as 1000 to 5000.

Flexo printing can be extremely flexibility on design style, along with the type of carrier bag that is being printed.

The number of colour combinations can also be unlimited, to a certain degree, by utilising up to 6 different ink colours.

Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printing is more for very low volume requirements as it uses a manual operation, therefore, can be quite expensive.

Utilising a quality and an elegantly printed carrier bag can turn into an extremely invaluable marketing tool.

Don’t rush into your carrier bag printing. Spending the time to get it right first time will be more financially rewarding in the long run. Choose your printing supplier wisely, ensure they can do the job with high quality and high precision, but at the right price.

Using a printed carrier bag to increase your brand awareness and your sales message, keeping in the forefront of your potential customers mind, will increase your sales and your business.

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