Power Up Your Companies Promotion With These Simple Yet Effective Marketing Tips

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promotionWhen you first start your business, it can be an extremely daunting time trying to market your company to get prospective customers through the door.

However, there are several simple yet effective marketing strategies that will help you achieve this.

Diversify Your Marketing Efforts

There’s no one single method to market your business, so therefore ensure that try different marketing strategies to work out which is the most effective for your business.

Using the same strategy in the same tactics over and over again will cause your prospects to lose interest and ignore your advertising.

Brainstorm different ways to get your company name in front of your prospects, for example, using sales letters, flyers or leaflets, classified ads or social media.

Keep In Contact With Your Customers Directly After Their Purchase

The old saying, selling to existing customers is easier than selling to new prospects, is extremely true. Therefore, keeping contact with your existing customers that have recently purchased can be a great way to increase your sales.

Thank existing customers for their continual business and offer other relevant products. You can offer these products at a special discount for their loyalty as an existing customer.

Keeping Your Customers Up-To-Date With Mail/Email Marketing And Newsletters

marketingYour current customers are obviously interested in your products, so keep them informed of any new updated or new products or services that would be of interest to them.

Produce flyers, leaflets or a full professional looking brochure to mail out to them to keep as reference. Sending out this information keeps your company brand and your products or services in the forefront their mind for when they want to make a purchase.

Produce a weekly or monthly newsletter, either by email or mail, detailing new, updated, discounted products, what’s going on or new in the company, including quizzes and competitions.

Use Social Media To Target The Demographic That Best Suits Your Products

Social media can divide a very gentle nudge as to your company and your products and why they should buy them, without a heavy marketing campaign.

Using social media channels, such as Facebook or Twitter, can draw them into your company, while incorporating email marketing to communicate with them to keep them updated.

Use Local Classified Ads As Free Advertising

There are many different types of classified ads, either online or off-line, that can be utilised to show your company details and products. Many of these allow you to add your advert free of charge to enable you to get in front of your prospects and existing customers.

Add A Blog To Your Website

Adding a blog to your website can be a great addition to, in some cases, a very standard corporate looking website.

A blog can be fun, extremely relevant to any problems they may have that you can solve and provide great information and interaction with your prospects to get them making contact with you.

Keep your blog updated with regular posts as there’s nothing worse than a blog with posts of a couple years old

Press Releases Are A Great Way To Inform Your Prospects Of Your Products Or Services

Using your local newspapers and industry journals, either online or off-line, you can send out well-written press releases. A press release informs both your prospects and your customers of any new business or product launch that would be of interest.

A Professional Business Website

One of the first places people look at to form an opinion of a company is their website.

It’s important that your company has a professional looking business website that explains what your business is all about, details your business specialities, products or services. This gives the prospect a warm feeling that they are potentially doing business with the right company before making an enquiry.

Ensure that your website is continually updated when anything changes within your company.

I hope the above marketing tips help your companies marketing and promotion, increase your brand awareness and increase prospects/customers into company to convert into sales.

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